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She suddenly looks less like a pop-rock sensation and more like a pretty teenage girl, gossiping with her best friend.Not too long ago, 20-year-old Avril was just that: your average teenage girl.J-14: Since you were a singer originally, when you started off in Avril's band, was it hard for you to take a back seat? I was actually really excited and supportive and really enjoyed being in the back seat 'cause it was really nerve-wrecking.Evan: It was actually pretty easy to take a back seat from Avril. You can sing like no one I've ever heard in my life." And her personality was so cool so it was pretty easy. J-14: When you told Avril that you were going out on your own, how was that?I thought my ego was going to get in the way, but the truth was that she was such an incredible talent on such a different level then I had ever even seen, that it was almost like, "Ah I'm not worthy! Evan: That was the hardest conversation I ever had with her because we were such good friends and she was incredibly supportive of me - but I didn't want her to feel like I was quitting on her.

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Evan Taubenfeld, Avril Lavigne's former lead guitarist, stopped by the J-14 office to chat about his solo career, life with Avril, and his most embarrassing moment on tour!

" Then I'll type a couple of lyrics in my phone and send them to myself, and that's it.

And when I get home that night, there's a whole bunch of e-mails and stuff and I start going through them and writing it all together.

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