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Who in the age of the internet needs to read 61 pages of instructions on how to write a letter?Of course, some would argue that human beings were never in need of a 61-page manual on letter-writing, not even when the mail came twice a day. In 1927, she wrote a blistering review of Etiquette for the New Yorker, in which she made clear just how intrusive and absurd she found Post’s rules.In a book with “all the force and the application of a morality play,” you better believe there is a lot to cover.Though Parker is pained by the book’s bad prose (“the author’s invention plucks at the coverlet”), she is more disgusted by its snobbery.

Refreshingly irreverent, honest, and hysterical, the Get It Girl Guide to Online Dating and Sextiquette offers solid advice on dating in today's tech savvy world-girlfriend to girlfriend.Subjects included what to wear (“Dress for comfort, not fashion”), what to say (“Never take a man to task about anything”), how to act (“Never laugh or talk loudly in public”), where to go (“Never visit unfavorable cabarets”), and much more.Here’s a great definition from the (1923): “Etiquette will make you dignified.If the ladies would only realize that they are the torch-bearers of civilization, which, as the great philosopher Confucius has said, is the art of being civil, the world would be a more pleasant place to live in.(Book of Etiquette, 1923) I can’t remember which volume in my large collection of turn-of-the-century etiquette guides first got me hooked.It is probably unkind to introduce an author by quoting her cleverest critic.


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