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On 27 March 2010 a new and impressive swimming pool was opened at Hofsós.

The new swimming pool and its surroundings are beautifully constructed.

Artifacts recovered during that project were found on the cutoff between the Nobles Emigrant Road and the Fort Crook Military Road - also known as the Lockhart Wagon Road.

Verifying this route was necessary since logging for a fuel break was planned near the general route of the Trail.

Here you can see an old log building, Pakkhúsið, a warehouse dating from the times of the Danish trade monopoly (1602-1787).

Another old building, which has newly been renovated, houses yet another museum which is well worth a visit - the Icelandic Emigration Center - which tells the story of Icelandic emigrants to North America.

The artifacts analyzed during the 2009 project included numerous ox, mule, and horse shoes, wagon related parts, hand forged and cut nails, a coffee grinder, a large cooking pot in many pieces, and a flowered metal button from a lady's garment.

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Since opening in 2008, over 2 million have visited, ranking it amongst the top ten free cultural attractions in Ireland.The fieldwork allowed us to record information about artifacts not previously collected, which included field information such as precise location, important for understanding what happened as people traveled particular segments of the Trail.The lab work we did allowed for more in-depth analysis.The work was carried out by hand and spade between 1939-1944. The Village of Bro with a waterfall in Ronnebyån River had three river mills and two grass mills already in 1580. 8 million Norwegian spruce, Scotch pine and birch tree forest plants are produced here every year. Here are some places to visit that will guarantee a trip filled with adventure.


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