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I've got everything working nearly as I want, but here's my problem. I have a table which has a Guid as a Primary Key, and a Var Char field (a Title) which is also unique. Run(Run Behavior run Behavior, Sql Command cmd Handler, Sql Data Reader data Stream, Bulk Copy Simple Result Set bulk Copy Handler, Tds Parser State Object state Obj) 2300 System. The problem is caused by the fact that only primitive type properties such as string, int, bool are bindable declaratively.Therefore you cannot provide the color through declarative binding.Another important property of Detail View control is Pager Settings. NET data source controls, demonstrates how you can bind to data to allow users to interact with it, and presents the new Dynamic Data features of ASP.Using these controls can provide development efficiency when you are building business applications that rely heavily on data. A data source can be a relational database, data stored inside of in-memory objects (such as a Data Set or an Entity Data Model), XML-based data, or data you retrieve via Microsoft Language-Integrated Query (LINQ).The second lesson in this chapter demonstrates how you can bind to data to allow users to interact with it.

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Detail View is one of the important control, that is mainly used in master-detail scenario.

You select the record from master control (as example Grid View) and selected record is displayed in Detail View control.

In general Grid View control displays more than one record, but the Details View control displays single record from database table.

this happanes when field in database contains some hex-color as string (#cacaca) and for Db Null-Values..tried something with Color Translator, but this only works for displaying data, null values throws some other errors.someone please explain how to do this? Once we receive it, we will do our best to help you.

- Jim Hi Jim, I am not quite sure what is your exact scenario and what exactly does not work.


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