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Too often he has seen guys take a mental standpoint where they mistake themselves for knowing the information while they don’t put the skills to use.

He mentions the need for guys to go out and practice the attraction skills he teaches.

When we first started going out the relationship was very sexual and intimate.

Now, after several months, it has died down a great deal.

It IS the key to success that you’ve been looking for… ” he is actually saying something from what he thinks he is saying.

It’s important that you read this , because inside, I’m going to share a few lessons that will improve your success with women IMMEDIATELY. It’s your self esteem, your confidence, and your state of mind, body, and emotion. A woman’s reasons for wanting to be with a man are complex. When a man asks if he can buy a woman dinner, what he’s REALLY saying is “I don’t think you’d want to be with me just because you’re really going to enjoy being in my presence, so maybe you’d agree to spend time with me if I give you something.” And he’s also saying, on a subtle level…

You know, that one woman that just grabs your eye, and you get obsessed - just thinking about what it would be like to talk to her, and maybe hold her in your arms on a date...

Every time I tried to take a step in her direction, my mind would lock up again and I couldn't move or say anything.

Even if she was standing Have you ever been talking to a woman for a few minutes, and as the energy of the conversation starts to dip a little (right about where you are running out of things to say) she just looks back to her friends and turns her back to you?

The given lines act like the framework for tough situations, such as the complete guide on what to do and say to get a woman’s phone number.

Dear Friend, If you’d like to literally TRANSFORM yourself into a man who REALLY understands women and attraction, a man who can control his mind and emotions in every key situation with women so he can SUCCEED with women, and a man who knows exactly what to do in every situation with women, then take the next few minutes and really STUDY this letter.


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