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Weekend 2 at the Hive NYC was all about the ladies.

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Share this around your social circles and grab a friend to take to the event!The main showroom of Merchants Square Mall will be filled with various local and regional comic book dealers. It is an opportunity for collectors, new and old, to scour long boxes, fill out collections and find bargain books (and deals). Lehigh Valley comic book fans this weekend will pour into Merchants Square Mall in Allentown. Other panel highlights include "Farscape" and "Breaking Into the Business" panels on Saturday and an anime panel on Sunday. The panels: The schedule of events will include a plethora of panel discussions, including "Cosplay Design: Translating Fantasy to Real Bodies" session, 2 p.m. Ptak, a former contestant on "Project Runway," will show attendees how to create their own "cosplay," or costume play.Cosplay continues to be a major and popular component of conventions with fan costumes becoming increasingly more impressive and creative. Single-day passes for the Great Allentown Comic Con cost for Saturday and for Sunday.


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