Dating vintage benrus watches

That is why you’ll never find an original Waltham time piece of the new Aeronaval Collection sold online, except for the Exclusive Boutiques own websites licensed by WALTHAM WATCH COMPANY SA.

We invite you to refer and visit your nearest Waltham’s Exclusive Boutique.

This book is the professional standard and a must for every watch collector's library.

ISBN 978-0-9829487-6-7 More than 10,300 watches listed More than 7,800 illustrations Current values and annual market report Pocket, wrist and comic/character watches American and European watches Thousands of updates .95 per book Quantity Discounts available by the case!

Truman, earning the brand its reputation as “The Watch for Presidents”.

Close The watches displayed on this WALTHAM WATCH COMPANY SA official website are the only available at selected Exclusive Boutiques.

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This page contains INSTRUCTIONS for using the serial number look-up tables that are found on many of our watch company history pages.

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industry geared up for wartime production, Gruen formed a War Instruments Division at Time Hill.Right: A Gruen ammeter, formerly part of an aircraft electrical system. Gruen was classified as an essential industry, and Time Hill employees went on a 48-hour workweek during at least part of the War.They also starting running two shifts, which they had not done previously.Along with other companies doing war work, Gruen showed their military products in ads.This was a way to demonstrate that they were doing their patriotic duty, and a way to keep the Gruen name in the minds of consumers while there was a shortage of watches.Among the items shown in these ads were gauges on electric-knife and metal-detector control units—both were devices used in surgery.


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