Dating schwinn bikes

They also manufactured their own rims in the Chicago factory, the "Schwinn Tubular Rim".

These rims, like the Chicago frames, were among the sturdiest ever built.

For decades America’s leading competition and custom bike, the Paramount represented the ultimate aspiration of every young American racer and bike builder.

From its introduction in 1938 to the final bikes of the 1990’s, the Paramount advanced both the art and science of bicycle design and craftsmanship, as Waterford has continued in its own history.

The letter "G" followed by a two-digit month code (01 = January etc.) and two more digits for the production year (81 = 1981 etc.).

An example would be 'G0181' and equates to "Giant, January, 1981".

The bikes here are grouped here into six, somewhat arbitrary, categories: Road - lightweight bikes for traveling on streets.Originally produced in Chicago in 1964, Collegiates were 26-inch lightweight bikes in boys' or girls' styles with coaster brakes.They could be ordered with 1-, 2-, 3-, 5- or 10-speed set-ups.Collegiates were sold throughout the 1960s and 1970s, according to "Classic Schwinn Bicycles" by William Love.Schwinn advertisements and catalogs of the past provide a colorful, fun and informative history of vintage Schwinn models.For this reason it holds a special place in our hearts.


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