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They were eventually convicted of illegal logging but received only half of the original 30-year penalty due to their confessions.

A lawyer helping the couple cited many irregularities in the proceedings and requested a review by the court.

In their own words, “How About We is a company that helps people fall in love and stay in love.” In my own words, “it’s a company that helps couples such as ourselves plan fun dates because we are too overwhelmed with the idea to do it ourselves.” We dropped off the kids at school then headed east and into the woods with local foraging expert, Langdon Cook.

Along the three-mile path he identified miner’s lettuce, fiddlehead ferns, huckleberries, salmon berries, wild raspberries, Oregon berries, and stinging nettles. I grew up with the pacific northwest forest as my backyard and spent my days snacking on huckleberries and cursing the stings from nettles.

“People might get interested in mushrooms because, yeah, they can eat porcini, but they’ll get hooked when they start finding the beautiful mushrooms in their yard or in the high country,” Evenson said.

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“It’s a shame to let those morels go to waste,” said Curt Haney, president of the San Francisco Mycological Association, who doesn’t believe conditions are any more dangerous than in other, less productive, burn areas where gatherers have access.

After their release, reporters went to catch up with them only to find out they are doing worse than ever. I used to work in construction, but now I’m not strong enough for the work,” Udom said, explaining that just before being jailed, he was hit by a truck and sustained a brain hemorrhage which did not receive proper care behind bars.

In July, 2010, the couple went into the Dong Gradang Forest in Kalasin province to pick mushrooms and were caught up in a police operation to arrest illegal woodcutters.

In fact, it was a couple of citizen mycologists who discovered the previously unknown mushroom lurking at Soapstone. When they found it, they brought it here and I’d never seen it before. Brad Kropp at the University of Utah’s herbarium, and sent him a photo.

“Oh, it created a big stir internationally,” Evenson said. He said he’d found one — just one — and that was two of these mushrooms found in a steppe habitat.


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