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With that in mind, here is part one of a guide to the best date spots in New York — starting with Manhattan.It’s a highly opinionated collection of places to wine and dine a Tinder match, girlfriend, or future bae.“[But] they’re not a great way to go deep or get to know the person’s personality.” Chris Donahue, a 28-year-old writer from Brooklyn, believes men should still foot the bill, at least on the first date.“It opens up a kind of flirty dialogue of like, ‘You can pay for the next date,’ ” he says.Here at Eater, core staff has a theory about dating.The gist of it is that before going on a first date, the first three dates need to be completely planned out, with attention paid to newness, coolness, and locations across the boroughs.Second date: Sons and Daughters — This small restaurant/bar across Chelsea Market is a fine place to get to know someone over drinks.Decide whether or not it’s too soon to share a charcuterie board over cocktails in this cozy, nicely-lit space.

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“[Texting] is a great way to flirt, maybe give them a taste of who you are,” says dating coach Chrisler.

The best time in New York for weather is September, October, May and June.

Chelsea is perfectly situated on Manhattan’s Westside, boarding Hell’s Kitchen to the North, the Flatiron District to the east, the Meatpacking to the southwest and the West Village to the Southeast.

Manhattan is way too big of an animal for one datasheet, so at The Masculine Traveler, we are going to break down Manhattan by neighborhood, so you will have up-to-date, detailed information for your stay during your time in New York and a better understanding of how dating in NYC works.

Chelsea is located on the Westside of Manhattan roughly from 14th street to 30th street.


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