Dating early ithaca model 37

This makes this shotgun a favorite of both right and left hand shooters. Click for more info This is an original Ithaca Model 37 built in 1950.

This shotgun has a 22” vent rib barrel with a permanently affixed external choke.

Click for more info Original 20" round smoothbore barrel with brass front bead choked cylinder. Figured walnut stock with grooved forend and pressed-checkered pis ...

The Model 17 was a 20-gauge of trim proportions, which Remington later redesigned and refined into the popular side-ejecting Remington Model 31.

The Model 31 would eventually be replaced in production by the Remington 870 which was less expensive to manufacture.

Like most gun companies, the Ithaca Gun Company has had a checkered path in terms of successes and failures. Y., by William Henry Baker, Dwight Mc Intyre and John Vanatta, its original plan was to build fine double-barrel shotguns. Ithaca needed to come up with a magazine-fed shotgun to hold its share of the marketplace.

Baker was a longtime gunsmith of good reputation for design and execution, but like many gunsmiths he had relatively little capital to work with, which sent him on an endless search for underwriters. It eventually chose a design patented by John Browning in 1915 and put forth as the Remington Model 17, a contemporary of the Winchester Model 12 that everyone seemed to want at the time. was in the depths of The Depression, and companies like Ithaca again scrambled for working capital, as well as something that could give it a competitive edge in the market.


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