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In fact, maintaining friendships can be hard, not because friendship is inherently hard, but because our lives are busy and full and as humans we sometimes forget to take a second to step back and make sure we’re honoring the hold our hearts.Think of a time you needed something in your friendship and maybe didn’t know how to ask for it.I wish I'd known then that this list wouldn't prepare me at all for marriage.The real diagnosis was that I had it all backwards.These little spots are the bright stars of friendship, and the following friendship questionnaire can hopefully help you (and me too!) make sure you are being the type of friend you want to be. Hopefully we aren’t keeping a tally of who is doing what, but sometimes we begin to notice certain themes.You finally made it through the long, dreary days of winter.

Or maybe someone went totally out of their way to show that they were thinking about you and loved you.

Whether you are making a direct investment, you invest in a Venture Fund or you join an Angel Group, you should expect to sign the agreement below.

I have signed such an agreement for each investment I’ve made as well as for the Angel Group I joined.

Joey and , by the end of the episode, they were back to being all good.

Having a best friend IRL doesn’t exactly function the same way.


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