Dating characteristics of capricorn woman

There's a good chance they can cook like nobody's business, but even if they can't, they know how to make mac and cheese like a boss.

Her strength lies in her ability to set long term goals and actually going for them, until she reaches the end line.

She’s goal oriented and has a practical point of view when it comes to life. The Capricorn woman has a high level of self discipling and she tends to reserve her fun and wild side to the people very close to her heart.

She’s down to earth and knows how to keep herself motivated. Some people might have a hard time to understand her until she opens up to them.

Dates: December 22 ­ January 19Element: Earth Compatibility with Capricorn: Taurus, Cancer and Virgo Not Compatible with Capricorn: Aries, Gemini and Leo Birthstone: Garnet Best Characteristics of the Capricorn: Responsible, Ambitious, Wise, Cautious, Faithful Worst Traits of the Capricorn: Pessimistic, Stubborn, Moody, Detached, Self-centered Motto of the Capricorn: “I Act, therefore I Am” and “I master...”Capricorn in Love and Dating The Capricorn woman is sensitive, romantic and has an emotional side if you dig deep, but it takes quite some time for her to expose that to the person she’s interested in.

Until then, she’ll be showing another face, which is the strong one, that doesn’t care much about love.


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