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The intimate show was packed with diehard fans, who between songs passed Lamar things to sign: hats, phones… Various movie and television clips rendered in black and white were projected on the dome above the rapper, featuring Ronald Reagan, Michael Jordan and, during Lamar’s hit Swimming Pools, Prince.Although the song is about alcohol—of which there was plenty—it ended up being relevant for another reason: the dome is essentially a heat trap, and by the end of the performance, nearly everyone was soaked.

There’s a modest crew, but watching “Jeanne Dielman” patiently unfold, in one unmoving, epic long take after another, you feel it’s just the two of them, working silently together to make one of the great and righteously angriest works of cinema-as-art.

But the main draw is a pair of bewitching analysts, bedecked in pink, who just so happen to be twins. But there is more to the sisters than meets the eye.

The sultry Sella siblings are design specialists, having established their own company, Design By Gemini, in 2015.

“Giulia graduated in interior design from Politecnico di Milano in 2012 and is a [certified] real-estate broker,” according to their website. “I know you’re all wearing new clothes and have new haircuts,” the rapper Kendrick Lamar said at the beginning of his concert in the Faena Art Dome on Thursday.

Then he used a string of profanities to encourage partygoers to let themselves go, leading by example through a sweaty, energetic performance. ” he asked one devotee, who’d passed him a Sharpie marker.


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