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There was a time in archaeology some fifty to sixty years ago, when the basic hypothesis regarding the peopling of the Americas suggested that towards the ends of the last major ice age, as the two major ice sheets covering North America separated to create a passage from the Yukon to the Northern Plains, that people began migrating across Beringia (the land bridge connecting Asia and North America) and then spread out through the Americas.It was a hypothesis that was simple, neat, appealing, and wrong.The Channel Islands National Park is known as “The Galapagos Islands of the North” for its unique flora and fauna, which is found nowhere else on the planet.An excursion to this remote, volcanic chain of islands is an unforgettable experience and should be at the top of everyone’s to-do list when visiting Santa Barbara.The narrowest island in the chain is a fantastic kayaking destination with more than 100 sea grottos honeycombed inside its craggy, 300-foot-tall cliffs.

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Isolated on the islands when the oceans rose, the animals became smaller over time, dropping from 14 feet to about six feet in height.

Carbon dating of the stream bank in which the skull was embedded dates it to 13,000 (Before Present), the same time period attributed to the island’s Arlington Man, the name given to the oldest human skeletal remains found in North America.

As it eroded out of the stream bank, the fossilized set of mammoth bones — nicknamed “Larry” after Peter Larramendy, the National Park Service biologist who first saw the ivory sticking out of a canyon wall, and also Larry Agenbroad, the noted mammoth paleontologist who researched the Channel Islands and died in 2014 — has been jacketed with burlap and plaster to preserve it by the science team: National Park Service archaeologist Don Morris, paleontologist Justin Wilkins from The Mammoth Site in South Dakota, and preparator Monica Bugbee.

Channel Islands National Park in California is composed of five of the Channel Islands: Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel and Santa Barbara.

The first four are the northern islands and Santa Barbara is a part of the southern Channel Islands.


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