Censored video chat

The cornerstone of We Chat censorship is keyword filtering, which blocks messages that contain terms like “human rights,” “mass arrest,” and “spiritual freedom.” However, Citizen Lab found that the censors don’t just block messages containing any one specific phrase, but instead look for combinations of different terms.So you can send a message with the words “human rights lawyer” in it, but if you combine that with the name of a specific lawyer — Jiang Tianyong, who was recently “disappeared” by the government — the message is blocked.Hi everyone, I want to learn elixir to implement a protocol that has the following features.I also want to document this process and turn is into a web series of screencast compilations. RISE Protocol requirements and abstract specification Product definition (WHY?When a message is censored, users are not notified of this fact.

The Thai junta has already shut down as many as 219 websites for threatening “national security,” and has detained several journalists.Everyone knows that China has some of the most sophisticated censorship tools in the world, but the details of how they actually work — what they censor and when — are often not fully understood.A new report by Citizen Lab, a research group studying the web, human rights, and global security, sheds some light on one particularly fruitful target for Chinese censorship: mobile messaging.The word filter (often shortened to filter) in Habbo is used to censor words or phrases that may be considered offensive or threatens to reveal personal information to players.Originally, the filter was "Bobba", but has been changed to five astericks (*****).Requirements This sounds like an excellent use of Elixir/BEAM. I am definitely a fan of mesh networking, and not a fan of government censorship and how ISPs are the weakest link.


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