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Another gamer, Chelsea, known as XMINKS in the gaming world, earns a six-figure salary from her live-streams.

Previously studying pharmacy at the University of South Australia, Chelsea now has over 350,000 followers who tune in to watch her live-stream gaming.

The Varied Musical Styles Of These Talented Female Entertainers Demonstrate “Girl Power” At Its Best In Conjunction with March’s Woman’s History Month NASHVILLE – (March 16, 2017) – Emmy Award-winning online music series Skyville Live has announced a special woman’s March 20th show with Melissa Ethridge, Cam, Lindsay Ell, Orianthi and Troi Irons in celebration of the musical power of women, it was announced today by Wally Wilson, creator of Skyville Live.“Melissa, Cam, Lindsay, Orianthi and Troi speak to the wealth of talent that female entertainers share with us, the audience,” comment Wilson.

“In the spirit of the times and in conjunction with March being ‘Woman’s History Month’ Skyville Live wanted to celebrate this wonderful legacy.”Beginning at 7 PM CT on March 20, the latest edition of Skyville Live will also feature the usual backing band of industry elites the show is known for.

Known for her confessional lyrics and raspy, smoky vocals, Melissa Etheridge stormed onto the American rock scene in 1988 with the release of her critically acclaimed self-titled debut album and has remained one of America’s favorite female singer-songwriters for more than two decades.

Etheridge has won two GRAMMY Awards throughout her illustrious career, including one in 1992 for “Ain’t It Heavy” and one in 1994 “Come to My Window,” her searing song of longing.

The guy's GF responded by telling the woman she was a “heinous person.”Anti-PDA red sweater lady didn't like that shit one bit, yelling, As you can probably imagine, things just got worse and worse from there.

I mean, what I just described was merely 25 seconds worth of a six-minute video clip you HAVE to see. I don't even know how I would have reacted if I were any one of the people tasked with defending themselves against that absolute poke-loving, PDA-hating tyrant. The folks over at Wet Paint uncovered a shocking discovery about the anti-PDA woman.

At this point, the woman admitted she was scared, but the officer ends up asking her five times for the keys.

Kathleen has received single donations in the region of 00 and 00 from online subscribers who make up the site's 9.7 million active users every day, according to Twitch.

‘This industry is booming and it’s out of control” she added.

In 2007, Etheridge celebrated a career milestone with a victory in the “Best Song” category at the Academy Awards for “I Need to Wake Up,” written for the Al Gore documentary on global warming, “An Inconvenient Truth.” In October 2016, Etheridge released “MEmphis Rock & Soul” to which debuted at #1 on the Blues charts.

This marked her first album since 2014’s critically-lauded “This Is M.


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