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It has to have an orbital period of something like 27 million years,' Professor Brown told Mail Online.'While that idea may or may not make sense, it definitely has nothing to do with Planet Nine, which is much closer to the sun and thus "only" takes 15,000 years to go around.

The evidence for Planet Nine says nothing about whether or not there is a more distant Planet X.''The effect of a planet depends on both its mass and distance so a closer, less massive planet can produce similar gravitational effects.

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Evidence was discovered at the beginning of this year for a mysterious 'Planet Nine' (artist's impression shown), and since then it has had scientists looking for signs that could confirm its existence.

Over the years the organization grew into one involving the local community, and after ups and downs for many years, outgrew its original status as a student club.

Thus, the Pasadena Folk Music Society was created as an umbrella non-profit.

He speaks into the oxygen mask that hangs loosely from his helmet.

COCKPIT OF JET - SAME TIME The YOUNG PILOT looks down at the flashing red light on his control panel.


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