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If so, you’ll want to read on and find out more about these backscatter scanners causing a national stir.

First, it’s important to note that there are more than just everyday air travelers up in arms about these new x-ray machines.

"No naked body scanners, no government-approved groping.

We have a right to privacy, and buying a plane ticket should not mean that we're guilty until proven innocent."Some travel writers have expressed concern that the protest, called for the busiest air-travel day of the year, could cause backups and delays for all travelers.

Scientists have also expressed concern that radiation from the devices could have long-term health effects on travelers.

Although passengers have the right to opt out of going through a scanner, the Transportation Security Administration recently announced that passengers who opt out of body scanners at airport security checkpoints would be required to undergo an enhanced physical pat-down that would include agents using open hands and fingers to touch and press chest and groin areas of passengers.

Some critics have called the imaging virtual strip searches without probable cause, and some have claimed they are illegal and violate basic human rights. In the United States, pursuant to the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, all full-body scanners operated in airports by the Transportation Security Administration must use "Automated Target Recognition" software, which replaces the picture of a nude body with the cartoon-like representation.

It seems like every time we turn around someone is complaining about something or someone wants to object to one or another implemented change.

A pat-down is also often used as a follow-up when a suspicious object has been detected by a scan.

Some passengers and issue advocates have objected to having pictures of their naked bodies displayed to screening agents or recorded by the government. federal appeals court ruled in a lawsuit brought by the Electronic Privacy Information Center that even the naked-picture version of the technology was a reasonable and constitutional search.

If you really want to skip the long lines, apply for one of the TSA's trusted traveler programs, such as TSA Pre✓, Global Entry, NEXUS, or SENTRI.

That will get you a (mostly) dedicated line, you can keep your shoes on, and your laptop and liquids bag in your luggage.


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