Best ps2 dating game

its supposedly based alot more around food though...

its and RPG where instead of killing monsters you're basically going through the events of a relationship..

When I think of a game that defines a system, I think of Final Fantasy X.

Not only did it elevate one of the most loved RPG franchises to a whole new level, it sold the world on the Play Station 2.

The game is also tough, training players to think before they shoot and perfect their approach in every mission.

Rather than a glut of weapons and upgrades with no perceivable benefits, a huge assortment of tech and skills will keep you constantly reconsidering what the best way to play is.

However, this was never the case in other parts of the world.

I love dating sims game and i can't find any of them on ps3...there be any dating sims game relased on ps3 someday?

Well, the likes of "dating sims" aren't really popular (or generally known for that matter) in North America.

I think your only option is importing and pray they come with an english translation of some kind.

:roll: So you better not ever play any sports games, racing, or military, or really anything that isn't magic or in space because all those things you can do in real life too.. they can be quite fun and often times have alot of good humor to be found...


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