Ben hansen and jael de pardo dating

She started modeling for agencies like Apple, Sony, Levis, Nissan and much more.

Question: Ben, was there ever a video that you wished that you could've pursued but the team turned it down? Sometimes, I come up with these great UFO videos that are - usually it's UFOs.

Ben Hansen: Well, I think experience in any type of formal investigation helps in this type of thing. With my experience, there's a methodical process in all the investigations I've done for all the different agencies.

Ya'el drove a spike through the head of Sicera a Cannanite King while he lay asleep in her tent.

Jael de Pardo is an American television actress born in Barranquilla, Colombia.

At the age of two, her family moved to Queens, New York.

Now, sometimes of course you get kind of a sense of how it's going to go because you've read about the videographer. You can't - it's hard to kind of push those feelings aside, but I did go into a case this past season where I was very open minded that this whole story could be completely true.

Or in some cases, you'll see this -this next run, we have some very controversial cases that if anyone has heard the case even once, they kind of automatically side to one , their partial to one side or the other. And without giving too much away, look for it in Washington State.

She then moved to Los Angeles, California after graduation and majored in exhibit design and multimedia studies, in pursuit of an acting career.

Jael attended the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology where she majored in Exhibit Design and Multi-Media studies.

Jael de Pardo is an American on screen personality and actress. Her whole family relocated to New York when Jael was only Two years old.

In California, she studied with many experts and best coaches in the field, to name a few, Susan Batson , Lesly Kahn and Janet Alhanti.

She became quite successful as a talented nice curves model and actress.


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