Avoid dating sites

Don't ever click on any links that an online stranger sends you, and by all means don't ever give out your credit-card information. Your adorable kids could end up as the face of the next online scam or fake email scheme.

For example, the online dating service Tinder draws from your Facebook profile to find matches.

Learn how to spot dating website scams and deftly avoid them.

To the same degree that dating sites are increasingly attracting a lively interest amongst internet users, dating scams are becoming more and more commonplace on these very platforms, even the most respectable ones.

Some will be seeking new friends, many will be looking to date and see what happens and a lot wil be seeking a longer term relationship.

Unlike matchmaker services which are usually based on a personality survey that is used to identify highly compatible matches for primarily long term relationships, or casual dating sites which are usually for individuals seeking adult fun and encounters, dating sites are a little more relaxed.

Watch out for any of the following red flags that could signal a dead-end relationship.

To communicate further, you generally need to buy a paid membership and costs are mostly very reasonable for this.

Love is in the air this Valentine's Day — but it's not everywhere.

Many online criminals target dating sites to find unwitting accomplices for money laundering and other schemes.

Make sure your online dating service has editable privacy settings.

You'll probably want to edit them so that your correspondents can't see your pictures or other personal information.


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