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On Google maps, you can see where you are, in what direction you are facing, and where you are moving, all from a little blue dot.

My question is: How can I integrate something like that in my app, so when the player moves, you can see it on the Google Maps fragment?

So adding real-time traffic data to the mobile app makes tons of sense. This feature provides real-time ETAs for your commute and other directions, including traffic conditions and delays, and more.

(This is outside of the driving mode.) “Starting today we’re rolling out an update to Google Maps on Android that provides helpful everyday info—in real time—at the bottom of your home screen,” Google Maps product manager Marcus Lowe explains.

Support Map Fragment; import Bitmap Descriptor Factory; import

I am working on an Android app where players battle each on their phones in real-time based on their location.

Example : 2) Also once the user is done with it, i need to save the route and show it again by drawing on the map with polylines. On click on Button i trigger the the location updates with You said that Google Direction is just a API and add Poly Line To Map is method.

So I understand it’s not proper to insert that code in on Location Changed method which fired when user’s location changed.

I'm looking for something that @halfer Yes, what I'm doing right now is re-centering the map every time the user's lat/long changes.You can divide that functions to optimize your code by method, You can find the full source code in this link, although it’s Pubnub source however it would be helpful.I'm new to android and I'm creating an application based on GPS . But it’s getting even better this week with an update for Android that provides real-time traffic data and other useful new features.That real-time data addition appears to be the perfect mobile-based companion functionality to one of Google Maps’s best features on the PC: Its ability to predict how long a drive will take if you tell it when you need to arrive at the destination.So i have implement Google maps and location point identifier on my application but it takes only my first attempt geo location , when I'm moving it is not get updated .


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