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Family firms in Japan boast higher profitability and market valuation, as well as higher growth in sales and employee numbers, than their rival companies.Upon closer inspection, it’s not hard to see why: Japanese powerhouses like Suzuki, Toyota and Matsui Securities have helped cultivate the nation’s corporate landscape by utilising the stability and longevity of their own names, which can effectively be used to sway investors and perpetuate sustainable growth.Bryant for The American Journal of Comparative Law.In Japan, there is a several-hundred-year-old tradition in which businesses adopt their executives so companies or institutions are "family-run" groups. Money and assets were traditionally passed through male lines in the family — starting with the eldest.Against all odds, Japanese family firms are flourishing – and that is because family empires have been cheating fate by refusing to play the cards they have been dealt.Branching out Every year, 80,000 adoptions take place across Japan.

Though the phenomenon has been previously documented, its impact on economic competitiveness has not.Nowadays, legal adoption of this kind is paired up with an arranged marriage — known as "omiai" — of a daughter, meaning the adopted son becomes son and son-in-law at the same time because he changes his name to the wife's family name ("mukoyoshi" Nationwide, an entire generation of Japanese citizens — going on two generations, in fact — are entering retirement age.Of the 127 million people who live there, roughly 25% are over 65.Very few investors are likely to be found queuing up to venture into a centuries-old family firm.After all, in most competitive economies, family control is unsustainable without any private benefits.Yet, oddly enough, some 98 percent of the individuals adopted are highly intelligent men in their 20s and 30s.


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