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Finding a casual connection can be tricky out in the usual dating scene.

Join the No String Attached community and meet our tens of thousands of members from every part of the UK who are looking for no promises, just a sex meet, casual connection, casual or no string sex.

Everyone needs to hook up once in a while to release the steam. Speaking to women in your area has never been so easy, especially with the mobile version of the site, you can now find your next hook up while on the move.I will add to this review the same remark I penned recently in another review of a so-called "High Concept" Hollywood comedy -- Ghost Town 2008 --- namely that, at the end of the day, when this film goes into the great digital archive and becomes available to viewers of the future (as in, two generations from now or more), the sneers from today's viewers will fade away and be replaced by the observation that, like Tea Leoni, Ms.Portman simply did not do enough films to satisfy her fans.Together, they invent their own stories, taking the film’s key messages and connecting with them on a profound level through puppetry and play: increasingly, we’re adapting activities for families and whole communities, too.No Strings is recognised for its peace-building and trauma-healing work in the Middle East THE FARMER’S TALE A Madagascan fairy story in the face of rapid loss of soil and natural resources, told here through pictures from our first early rough cut Visit our August 2016 Shoot OUR NEW HANDWASHING FILM: GERMS!im not indie or scene but i dont really fit into any catergory unless i really get done up on occasions.(usually gothic, when i go goth weekends) hehe sadly i dont get out much :/ and have never dated anyonrecently divorced havent done dating for 7 years so def a little clueless not looking to jump straight into serious but not going to ignore it if it turns up looking for friendship and fun i can cook and love to and good at massage too!!


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