Abby lincoln nigel uno dating fanfiction

Some good old fashioned bromance between Eggsy and Harry. Harry is visited by a ghost he'd rather never see again and reminded that all of his actions have consequences. Worst of all, the mistake he's made may not be fixable. In the aftermath of V-day, the Kingsmen have their hands full. Too bad his parents had to go and ruin it by inviting a whole lot of boring adults over for a dinner the night before…

He turned around, and there was Abby, in her red had and blue dress with the white stripe down the side.

NUMBUH 2(): You mean you don't know if it'll send things back? Numbuh 4 approaches in bewilderment.)NUMBUH 4: She...

She likes you too.(Kuki hands Wally the baby, who is reaching out to him.

Some of my favourites:the mainstream ones-Harry Potter (DRARRY FOREVER OH MY GOD *melts into pile of fangirl goo*)-Percy Jackson (Oh my god the last book of the Heroes of Olympus series made me almost commit suicide, especially the ending I mean WTF Riordan what were you thinking?! As for anime, the only ones I've read are the ones in my school's library (extremely lame) including Fruits Basket which was pretty good :) I read the first three books of Naruto and then some moron lost the fourth to eighth book so I stopped reading it. I'll do it eventually.)60/86 helllll yeeeaaaaaah dey so cuttttee274/362 (bold because I MEAN COME OOON. WHEN HE TRIED TO HELP HER OUT SHE OFFERED HIM A HANDSHAKE I MEAN I Ca N'T e VEn)83/84 (Sonya and Lee oh my god they are so cute)9 (Maurice)/Cree (Yes get over it please)Lizzie/65.3 (if James Nixon Mc Garfield a.k.a. The man takes him in, unknowing that his new pet is Eggsy. He complains about all his problems to the pup- including the fact that he's head over heels for the boy. What happens when a gentleman thief has several run-ins with unsuspecting Kingsman?

)-Ironman *squee* and the Avengers and stuff-Pirates of the Caribbean (or on second thought anything with Johnny Depp in it ESPECIALLY SWEENEY TODD OH MY JESUS CHRIST)-DISNEY PIXAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR AHHHHHHHHHHH-The Big Bang Theory : D-and a bunch of other onesthe less (I think) mainstream ones-I am Number 4 (I want to strangle 5 with his own hands)-Vampire Academy (Dimitri Belikov is #2 on my wishlist for a fictional fiance, right after Nigel)-Cherubs-Anything with a Nigel of some sort in it (reference to my unhealthy obsession with Numbuh 1)-aaaand I'm too lazy to think of anymore I don't really get a chance to watch TV often, so yeah. Jimmy [the 4th grade president-for-life] wasn't with Anna, then I'd ship him and Lizzie)After getting injected with a strange biochemical, Eggsy wakes to find himself as… Merlin sees potential to put her talents to good use - if they can get their hands on her.


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