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Southwestern Public Service began in 1904 in Roswell, N.

M., but didn’t get its current name until 1925, when a Chicago investment house bought the failing company, according to a company history.

Where a return to service date falls within approximately two weeks of the date of this report, the exact date will be shown.

Where a return to service date is expected to fall more than two weeks into the future, the week commencing in which a reactor is due to return to service will be indicated (shown as “w/c”).

plant conditions, sea water temperatures, operating limits/constraints etc).

Where the output of a reactor is reduced by approximately 10% or more of its maximum, the reason for this will be shown.

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Return to service dates are provided to the same accuracy as provided to National Grid under the requirements of the Grid Code and refer to the first full day of operation.The Jones 4 Unit should be online by the end of April, said Wes Reeves, spokesman for SPS’ parent company Xcel Energy.The utility uses natural gas in most of its plants except for the Harrington Station just northeast of Amarillo and the Tolk Station east of Muleshoe.This interesting circa 1939 photo shows us a wide range of vehicles dating all the way from the late-twenties on up to the then current models.There is an entertaining mix of automobiles to study in the five different lanes including a Franklin Club Sedan and a pair of identical streamlined sedans, one behind the other in line number two.The photo was posted on See more Portland area photos below.


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