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He takes her to outer space for a low-gravity moonwalk where they bond over their encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek and share a first kiss with Earth illuminated far in the distance.On their fourth date, the budding couple will go on their greatest adventure yet. Nick isn’t an eccentric billionaire who made his fortune in the high-stakes world of racing pigeons or the latest tech unicorn; he’s an average guy who works an unremarkable desk job.

Unlike drug and alcohol addiction, it’'s not included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Raffle off an Apple TV - If you're participating at a local community event, raffle off an Apple TV. It's an Apple product so you'll look cool and modern. And they're not as popular as an i Pod or i Pad so some people will be intrigued enough to strike up a conversation about what it does.

Collect people's information on the raffle forms and boom! In-House Telemarketing - Don't make the mistake I see a lot of agents make with in-house telemarketing by having one person do it all day long.

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Internet Leads - I know a lot of agents find internet leads frustrating and expensive, but good luck finding an easier way to get the names and contact information of people who are shopping for insurance right now.


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